Hi, I'm Cathy.
Naruto and Pedal are so important

30 days OTP challenge 14. Genderswapped

Korra and Tahno from Legend of Korra

Its just her way of asking for a date

30 days OTP challenge 13. Eating icecream

George and Angelina from Harry Potter

Angelina just wanted to see George laugh again

30 days OTP challenge 12. Making out Just before making out

Remus and Tonks from Harry Potter

30 days OTP challenge  11. Wearing kigurumis

Frobin, actually the cutest pairing in One Piece

30 days OTP challenge  10. With animal ears

Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter

30 days OTP challenge 9. Hanging out with friends +24.Making up afterwards

Sokka and Suki from Avater The Last Airbender

Well I was drawing sketch for 9 and then it became this so I decided to put 24 as well….(and thats my excuse for this WIP)

30 days OTP challenge 7. Shopping

Franky and Robin from One Piece

I need to draw 12.Making Out for my 30 days OTP challenge and I don’t know how to

I don’t know what anatomy is and I can’t draw while everyone casually walks behind me


30 days OTP challenge 7. Cosplaying

Riza Hawkeye and Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist

30 days OTP challenge 6.Wearing eachothers’ clothes

Zoro and Tashigi from One Piece

30 days OTP challenge  5. Kissing

Katniss and Peeta from The Hunger Games

30 days OTP challenge  4. On a date

James and Lily from Harry Potter

James’s first time with Fairyfloss!

30 days OTP challenge 3. Gaming/watching a movie

Clint and Natasha aka Hawkeye and Black Widow from the Avengers

30 days OTP challenge 2. Cuddling somewhere

Remus and Tonks aka Mr and Mrs Lupin from Harry Potter